My First Year Working Experience

June 10th, 2018 is an important day remarks I have graduated from college for a year and I became a young professional from a college student. The following shares my experience and what have changed through this year.


After I graduated from University of Washington, I have applied several positions and I finally placed at Onboard XP as a Sourcing Intern. After 3 months of the internship period, I became the Sourcing Manager which gave me the power to make decision within the organization in addition of the sourcing department. My job was about communicating with suppliers to provide the most competitive price, price negotiation, acting as a liaison between designer, sales, and suppliers in providing products fit with customers’ need, finding new suppliers and new products while maintaining good relationship with current suppliers, coordinating sourcing project, ensure mass production go under buying schedule, data organization, organizing storage room by coordinating it in system, last but not least, training new interns.


It gave me a broad range of experiences in several fields as the first job after college. But what it matters was better understand myself on what I wanted to do in the future. I was lucky that my past experience allows me to better plan for my future career, how does it benefits my personal growth, and types of job that I don’t want to do. I thought I always want to be a PR professional when I was in college. Now, I am still in love with the part being a liaison between two or more parties but I also want to know I need to learn some specific skills in depth to allow myself move upward.


It also alert me what I should never do at workplace. I have learnt a lot of professional attitudes and things I should do via PRSSA and professional networking events. However, I have never expose to what if I don’t follow those rules. It alerts me I should never put my emotions, especially anger at workplace. Whether you are emailing/talking with suppliers, working and discussing with your colleague, or managing with employee relations, negative emotion will only make relationships worst and create fear and resentment among parties. Once these happen, more negative impacts towards the company could happen and damage the brand reputation.


I also have a new perspective of what I used to know. I majored in Communication and I have learnt contents includes ethic, public relations, journalism, global communications. However, it could really challenge myself and my ethical line when it came to work. Sometime you may face some issues cross your ethical line. How you should response to those issues while fulfilling the client’s need and to protect your party? You may also see your employer tried to influence you mind and telling you this is alright. When issue like this happens, I learnt that I should stand for my ethical line and do the right thing. Even if your employer disagree with you, I would talk to him/her and trying to explain my point of view. Maybe your employer would take your words and do the right. Although sometimes your employer refuse to take your words, at least you tried your best to persuade him/her and people among your organization know your decision.

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