Miami – Spring Break 2017

It is summer already but it’s never too late to have travel post! The past spring break was my last spring break as a college student. It was also a break for myself after I had a busy quarter. Last winter in Seattle was quite depressing. We had snow twice and it kept raining for months. So I wanted to go somewhere filled of sun and good weather. YES! AND THAT WAS MIAMI!!!

It was a 7 to 8 hours flight from Seattle to Miami plus 3 hours time zone differences. So we chose to fly on midnight to save time (well…mainly because of money) and arrived in the early morning. When we arrived to Miami International Airport, it was still pretty early. Our hotel do provide shuttle bus from airport but it wasn’t still available in the early morning (and we didn’t make reservation). So we took Uber to our hotel, walk around Miami beach, had a brunch and wait for our hotel room.

We lived in Hotel Croydon, it was located in Mid-Miami beach where near Fontainebleau Miami Beach. The most popular area was South Miami Beach in Lincoln road area. Most shops, restaurants and bars are in that area. Our hotel was quite out of the way (I mean quiet) because we really wanna rest instead of party all night. Still, there was free shuttle bus commute in Miami beach

One thing to note is it was so EXPENSIVE to eat in Miami. SO EXPENSIVE! A normal meal in Seattle, like a PadThai for to go is about USD$10-12. But in Miami was like USD$20 above (AT LEAST)!

雖然已經是夏天,但是旅遊的post不會有遲的。上個冬天Seattle真的太憂鬱了, 基本上每一天都是陰天和下雨天,還下了兩次雪。所以我真的忍夠了,一定要去同陽光玩遊戲! 今個Spring Break 是我作為學生最後的Spring Break,上個Winter Quarter 一直Intern和上班, 所以我一定要玩盡最後的假期!

由Seattle到Miami需時約7至8小時,加上3小時的東西岸時差。我們乘坐凌晨機,到步時大約早上7時。由於到達Miami真的是太早了,酒店巴士還未有,所以我們便Uber到酒店。到達酒店後,房間還未有,我和男友就到附近的餐廳食brunch和休息。我們住的酒店叫Hotel Croydon,位於Mid Miami Beach,在Fontainebleau Miami Beach附近。而最繁華最人多的地方是South Miami Beach,在Lincoln road 附近。可是我們之前真的太忙太想relax了,所以這次便在Mid Miami Beach住。雖然酒店有點遠,但是Miami beach的巴士都是免費的,所以交通都算方便。


Day 1

Lincoln road
Our first dinner

We mainly just chill and rest and had an Indonesian dinner.


Day 2

Miami Beach –> Brickell (Momi Ramen) –> Wynwood Wall –> Chrome Heart –> Brickell (Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ)

The first stop for the second day was Momi Ramen in Brickell. It was pretty good but expensive. USD$30 for a ramen…..It tastes good and the soup base was thick but expensive….

第二朝一起床已經很晚了,我們Uber到了位於Brickell的Momi Ramen。很好食,湯很濃,但真的很貴。USD$30

After ramen, we went to Wynwood Wall and took loads of pictures. Every corner in Wynwood Wall were perfect to take picture and instagramable. You can’t miss this place!

午餐後我們便到了Wynwood Wall拍照。呀!!!真的很漂亮呀!每一副牆拍照都很漂亮,每一張相都可以post到Instagram呃like!一定不可以錯過!


And then we shop…..and eat and sleep


Day 3

Chilling in the beach

And of course you can’t miss Joe’s Stone Carb. There were two sections, one was dine in dinner and one was to go dinner. There was 2 hours wait in the dine in dinner. We were about to wait for the dinner but we found that the to go dinner has an area that you can enjoy your food. It was like a canteen you can get your food and dine in there (like a Starbucks). So we got our food there and it taste very nice!

第三日我們只是在Miami Beach 曬曬太陽,午睡。午睡過後就到了Miami Beach很有名的Joe’s Stone Crab食晚飯。Joe’s Stone Crab有兩部分,一部分是Dine in晚餐,一部分是Grab to go的。我們本身打算dine in的,可是太多人,輪候時間要兩小時,所以我們便轉到傍邊的Grab to go,打算回到酒店慢慢開餐。但原來他們有可以堂食的地方呀!就好像Starbucks般可以先購買,後用膳。天呀!那個石頭蟹真的真的很好食很鮮甜呀!十萬個推薦!



Day 4

Again, just chilling in Miami beach.

最後一天亦是在Miami Beach逛逛街,食甜品,然後就回Seattle了IMG_0776

總括整個旅程都很輕鬆。當時有個Miami Ultra Music Festival在Miami,有很多年青人都有去和到酒吧Party。就算你想飲酒party的,或是休息relax的,Miami都可以滿足你喔

To sum up this trip, it was very relaxing, Miami has a lot of stuff you can do either partying all night or just chilling. If you are still looking for a summer place to go with your besties or boyfriend, this is a place you can’t miss (especially if you love to drink!)

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