Christmas — New York

It’s been a while but I still want to share some tips of my last Christmas trip to New York City with you folks.

So over Christmas 2016, I went to New York City with my boyfriend for 6 days. We went to American Museum of Natural History, Times Square, Central Park, DUMBO, Love Sculpture, Empire State Building, and a lot more.

2016年的聖誕我跟我男朋友去了紐約旅行。 整個行程去了6天。 我們沒有預先買票因為冬天實在太冷了, 我們不想到時候太冷去不了。

Let’s talk about the planning part. We didn’t get tickets prior the trip because it was very cold and we can’t figure out can we go on schedule. So we didn’t get any ticket prior. Sad but luckily, we have a family friend told us Statue of Liberty was close in Winter so we didn’t get tickets go on the ship.

先講一下planning吧。冬天要記住自由女神不開放喔, 只有可以在船上離遠的看到, 所以我們就沒有去了。

Tip 1: Plan where you want to go first and starred it on Google Map. Then you can go to places in routine and save transportation time. Places are close by in NYC and you don’t want to miss any spots and go on next day

提示1: 要記得要先star一下google map妳要去的地點,跟據要去的地方順著走, 會在準備行程時省掉不少時間喔

Tip 2: Check the weather!! This is boring but you want to bring warm clothes and winter accessories to NYC. Seattle is cold in winter but NYC is a lot colder than Seattle. Boys! Be sure to bring your own winter accessories as well.

提示2: 要記得去之前查天氣, new york 冬天真的很冷!連男生都要帶手套喔

Next is the schedule part. We went to our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn @Times Square) by metro. It was quite convenient going from JKF Airport. It was so much cheaper but the downside was carrying all the suitcases in the subway and there was no escalator going up from the station.

We were there for 6 days and we got the weekly metro pass at around $20-30.

Hilton Garden Inn and any hotels nearby Times Square was convenient. It was the heart of NYC. Almost all places you will go are close by and didn’t take us too long to go.

我們住的是hilton garden inn. 住在時代廣真的很方便, 所有地方就在附近, 搭車也不會離很遠。

Day 1: From Seattle to New York City, get some sleep in our hotel, shop and eat around, went to Muji, and Empire State Building

Note: Empire State Building close at 3am. So you should have enough time to go even last at night.

Times Square
View of Empire State Building

Day 2: Luke’s Lobster (MUST TRY!!), American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Chinatown

Luke’s Lobster
Way to Museum
See that Dinosaur!
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park

Day 3: Tour of a drama fans. USPS(the most beautiful USPS store I’ve ever seen), New York Public Library (Sex and the City Carrie and Mr. Big Wedding venue!!), Grand Central Terminal (Gossip Girl!!)

New York Public Library
Grand Central Station



Day 5: Love Sculpture, Tim Ho Wan (HK Dim Sum My Favorite!), Wall Street, World Trade Center, 911 Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO

We didn’t go to any paid tour in Wall Street b/c they are all packed and expensive

Love Sculpture
Wall Street
Brooklyn Bridge

Day 6: From NYC to Boston


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