Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

IMG_7215After a busy school year and non-stop homework and tests, you gotta need a break to refresh and relax. What you got for this summer? I got a road trip to Yellowstone National Park within 4 days. Of course it was a lot of fun. But it was also tired driving all the way to Yellowstone

Here are the details of my trip:

Day 1: Seattle –> Spokane –> Missoula

Day 2: Missoula –> Yellowstone National Park

Day 3: Yellowstone National Park –> Missoula

Day 4: Missoula –>  Coeur d’Alene –> Seattle

We finished Yellowstone in 2 days and that’s is totally not enough. Yellowstone is so big that across 3 states (I believe) and each place needs at least 20 minutes drive or longer. We only got to travel one part of Yellowstone roughly. If you got more time (and money), you should spend at least 4 days there.

Old Faithful

The most recommended place to visit in Yellowstone according to most travel agency. The most amazing part is the basin erupts about every 1.5 hrs when there is no machine or any manual thing. No doubt it is amazing watching the eruption. But you can’t really get to watch it close.

Suggestion: Plan you trip and ask the visitor center when will it erupt. You don’t want to get to there and eruption just finished and have this ruin your plan.


Yellowstone Canyon

My favorite part throughout the trip and it can even compete with The Grand Canyon, Arizona. The color, the view, the falls, and the angle to take pictures, Everything is perfect! And it was a nice route to visit along the Canyon, lower fall and upper fall. They are all nearby within 10 minutes drive.


West Thumb Geyser Basin

Our first place to visit in Yellowstone and you get to see a great view of the giant lake. The lake is one of the most beautiful views in our trip. Being there you just feels like you are on the edge of the ocean. And this place kills your camera storage.

Suggestion: Spend more time to see the lake and less on the Basin. After see all others, they are all look similar.


Grand Prismatic Spring

You may see a lot of colors on the pictures but that wasn’t the case when I got to there. I don’t know that’s the matter of time, season, or what. I was quite disappointed because all the pictures I saw online were so beautiful and I had really high expectation. But it was so smoky and I can’t barely see the color.

Suggestion: Visit there early. There were lots of mosquito there and the mark is there here after 2 months ;(


Mud Volcano

The best part in here is you get to see something different. After you’ve been in the Yellowstone for a while, you may realize most of the things are similar. But you will find the uniqueness at Mud Volcano. It just feels like being at one of the hot spring in Japan.



Driving to Yellowstone

It is probably the most difficult job throughout the trip. We started from Seattle and we stayed overnight in Missoula and continue on the next day. It is a total 13 hours drive without traffic and you probably can get to there in 12 hours because the speed limit is 80m/h. However, there was a roadwork and only one route was available and truck can’t drive fast. So be really careful about the arrival time.

Speaking of time, there was an hour time difference in Montana. We thought we would get to there at 8pm and able to eat before the restaurants close. But we all forgot the time difference and most of the restaurants were close when we arrived. ;(


We all know network is really bad in the countryside. What you can do is get a car with GPS or bring a GPS with you. If you don’t either one, download the offline Google map, especially in Yellowstone and where you stop by for a break. This helps you get back on the highway and not going on the wrong way. You will also want to mark the place to visit in Yellowstone. There is no a clear spot guide you to visit and you wouldn’t know where you should take a stop. Research for where do you want to visit and mark in down in Google map. Then you won’t be driving around without target and it saves your time!

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