After a month of my internship

It’s been a month after I first started my internship. It is interesting, exciting, and different. So I am currently interning at Allied Integrated Marketing and I am the Promotion and Publicity intern there. At Allied, what we do is basically movie promotion, screening events, and some big screenings.

I remember I was so excited at the first day of work. It is my first official job and first day working at a office. I was thrilled to share all of my promotion ideas to my supervisors and can’t waited to do some promotion events.

The first time when I give my promotion ideas of the movie, “FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS” to my supervisor, all of my ideas was almost rejected.

What I learn from PRSSA or from what I have seen in HK, PR spend money to get people’s attention and spend money for more publicity. I was expected to do some similar activities and events at Allied. However, that’s not how it works there. My supervisor told me they don’t get the budget from the studio for promotion events. So what they usually do is partner up with some local business and get publicity from customers.

I was quite shocked when I heard of this information. This is very different from what I have learnt. I was wondering could we get much attention from the public. I always believe a successful PR plan should get much people attention to an event through social media media publicity. However, could we achieve this goal by partnering up with a local business since not many people knows local businesses have a social media page and follows them and goes to the store often. How can I get people’s attention when a social media page doesn’t have much follower. How can I get much people attention when I partnering up with local businesses and can’t get much budget.

Well, I am still looking an answer at this point. But with more experiences, I am more comfortable working on a promotion event. I hope I can get more people’s attention toward an event without much budget before the end of my internship.

*P.S.Thanks for Allied letting me watch good movie in advance. I really enjoy it! So far I have already watched 4 amazing movies. And this internship does let me know more about the office working environment and event planning.


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