Last PRSSA meeting of the year


Sadly yesterday was the last PRSSA meeting of the year, but it was excited to hear incoming officers, future plan, and the most important part, how to get involved!

UW PRSSA is a student affiliate of PRSA. Through becoming a member of  the chapter, students get to know the industry of PR and connection with PR professionals. Many PR professionals have visited to the chapter and gave us a lesson from their experiences.

This year I have learnt a lot from PRSSA, overview of PR industry, non-profits PR job, LinkedIn workshop, and etc. This gives me an opportunity to learn outside of classroom and get prepared.

Students who are interested in PR should join PRSSA because you can get valuable experiences from the chapter. For example, in the coming school year, there will be a mentorship program offers to students. Students can have a mentor and they will guide you if you have any problem. National Conference also happens in the coming October. You can meet with more PR professionals and students across the country! And of course, more meetings hold by PR professionals will continue and there may have some surprising events coming up!

I am very excited and looking forward to see the chapter grow. Next year, I will be the Media Coordinator of the chapter. My responsibility will be doing photography for the chapter and post-photo upload on Facebook. Also, giving more ideas to the chapters.

To be honest, I was only planning to have more club activities on my resume. I thought this would looks better on my resume and of course it does too. But I have never imagine to be an officer of PRSSA. I really enjoy working for the chapter. This is the club that I am engaged with and I will try my best to help the chapter grow.

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