Story for my Journalism class

Here is the story I did for my Journalism360 final. It is a story about international student on campus. To prepare for this story, I interviewed with the coordinator of FIUTS  and some international students on campus. I also research for some data and observation on campus to make sure this story is accurate.

Is UW failed to treat international students fairly?

While the University of Washington is building the bridge with domestic and international students, some international students say they are receiving less working opportunities compare with domestic students.

At the University of Washington, 15.6 percent of the student body is international students, which is equivalent to 7, 299 students, according to the “International Student Quick Stats” from ISS (International Student Service).

“The university is building the bridge between domestic student and international student,” said Danika Delano, the student program coordinator of FIUTS (Foundation for International Understanding Through Students). She explains UW provides a lot of resources to international students, for example, the clue conversation group presented by FIUTS, ISS solves questions about immigration and hold tax workshop, and the Cross cultural counseling presented by Hall Health.

Although international students pay higher tuition, they are not getting corresponding opportunities, due to their visa limitations.

International students pay $11,726 per quarter along with an additional $45 international student fee, which is about triple of what in-state students pay.

While international students are paying the $45 quarterly fee, many students say they don’t know what is this for.

Minju Wu, an international student from Korea claims she doesn’t know what this fee is and how it goes to. “I have never heard about this fee and it sounds not reasonable,” she said. When students pay for the tuition, there isn’t a breakdown of the charge or further explanation.

Delano explains this quarterly fee is the administrative fee for international students, which goes to ISS, FIUTS, Career Center, Student Legal Service and other affiliates handle with international students issues. This fee only applies on international student because of the work UW does for them. She said, “Every affiliate only get a small amount of the fee, and this goes to fund international students.”

Students are facing high expenses, which include housing, food, and parking. An average housing in U-District is about $1,000 per person. Some even charge a $100 monthly parking permit. Also, the university quarterly parking permit is above $300. However, international student especially have no alternative way to earn money.

Crystal Leung, an international student from Hong Kong said that her rent is $900 per month and the rules limiting work hours mean she can’t earn extra. She explains even though she can work on campus job, she doesn’t have much time because of the English barrier and parents’ high expectation. She needs to spend more time on study.

Leung went to many career fairs on campus but many companies she was looking for didn’t accept international student due to the visa limitation. Those companies worry about sponsorship and resources wasted. These make students are hard to find a job even though they are talented.

United States has more restriction on international study working limit in the world. They are not allowed to work in the U.S. except on campus job with 20 hours limits per week, while rules in other nations are not as strict.

The United Kingdom

  • International Students are allowed to work within 20 hours a week while in school and full time while in holiday.
  • European Union students have no restriction of working in the U.K.
  • However, new incoming students outside of European Union will be banned from working under the new rules in 2015


  • International students with a valid visa are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week while in school and no limit during holiday.
  • Family members (spouses and children) can do up to 20 hours per week and no limit hours if the student obtain a graduate degree.

The University of Washington is trying to recognize the equality and treat everyone equally, however, international students aren’t receiving the same opportunities because of the visa limitation. Some international students aren’t able to find a professional job. To solve this problem, the U.S. immigration department should have less restriction on international students and help talented students to stay in the U.S.

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