Christmas Trip 2015-LA and Vegas


Since I have my own webpage now, I think it would be great if I can share some of my travel experience.

In my Xmas trip 2015, I went to LA, Vegas, Monument Valley, Horseshoe band, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, and Tucson. I know that was a lot of places and it took me a long time to plan this trip. It was a pain to plan it but eventually that was a great experience and a great trip.

That wasn’t my first time going to LA because I exchanged in San Diego in my senior in high school. But that was the first time for my friends. So we went to a lot of places in a very minimum time. We went to Disney Adventure, Universal Studio, Santa Monica Pier, Urban Light, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sign, and Hollywood Walk of frame in LA.

What I would recommend is travel within a certain area in a day. LA is a big area with a lot of traffic. It will definitely save your transportation time a lots!

Be ware with the sunset time. When you are going to the Hollywood sign, you want to take picture during day time. So go to there before sunset.

In Dec 25 the day of Xmas, Disneyland and Universal studio are still open while the rest of the places are closed. You may want to go there in Xmas day.

See my picture of a bowl of soup with rice. That was really fantastic! It is located on the other side of the Casino in Vegas. It is a bar in a Casino so you may not go if you goes with children. I highly recommend this restaurant! But the downside is it took me 3 hours lining up. It was totally crazy because there was only one server and one chief. But it opens 24 hours.

Here is the link of the restaurant: Check this out if you are going to Vegas!

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