Photo and cutlines from Journalism class

This is the Photo and Cutlines homework I did for my Journalism 360 class. Take a look of my photos and cutline! I really like these photo of this time.


Photo-composition principle: Medium shot, Rule of thirds, lines

Cutline: The signature sign of Pike Place Market that all tourists would see when they come to Seattle. In the Friday afternoon at 3p.m., cars stopped by and people were walking around.



Photo-composition principle: Close up shot

Cutline: A bunch of red chrysanthemum at the Pike Place Flowers is looking at the camera with smile.


Photo-composition principle: Frame, medium shot

Cutline: Pike Place Flowers is the first shop at the corner of Pike Place Market that everyone will pass by and take pictures. There were many bunches of flowers were placed at the corner.


Photo-composition principle: Medium shot

Cutline: Jason who works at the Pike Place Chowder poured out the signature New England Clam chowder to the sourdough bread bowl after he got the order from a customer.



Photo-composition principle: Medium shot, balance, framing

Cutline: Two customers seated on the bar table having their chowder at the Pike Place Chowder. This is the well-known restaurant, which received a lot of awards across the country and having it hanged on the wall.


Photo-composition principle: Rule of thirds, medium shot

Cutline: Coco who worked at Arcade No. 5 at Pike Place Market was tidying his products. He looked at those vegetables and checked with their freshness.


Photo-composition principle: Medium shot

Cutline: Michael Renney stood next to the pillar sang songs at Pike Place Market and playing guitar. He also put a guitar case in front of him.


Photo-composition principle: Balance

Cutline: Two visitors stood in front of Michael Renney, who’s a singer who sang song with his guitar. They were listening to his music and took pictures of him.



Photo-composition principle: Medium shot, Rule of thirds

Cutline: Zach who worked at the Pike Place Seafood wore an orange apron and stood in front of the shop. He was holding a bag of smoked salmon and handed to visitors.



Photo-composition principle: Long range shot, Balance, Lines

Cutline: The view of Pike Place Market in the inner section. People were chatting, walking around and seeing the flowers.


Photo-composition principle: Long range shot, Rule of Thirds

Cutline: Visitors at the Pike Place Market looked at those flowers and choosing their favorite. The owner has many brunches of flowers to sell and he was looking at his costumers.



Photo-composition principle: Lines, Long Range Shots

Cutline: People were on the way going to the Pike Place Market or leaving from there in the gloomy and chilling day in Seattle. The traffic light changed and they were about to go.

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